Merge Contacts

Plugin for merging contacts

Plugin mergers contacts.

Internet users often import contacts into a device address book from different services like social networks, instant messengers and so on. The data of contact record of a user's friend may differ from service to service. Hence in the address book may appear duplicate records which refer, as a matter of fact, to one person.

In the case of some hundreds of friends the address book size grows unreasonably. Our plugin is a tool helping to solve this problem by merging duplicate records into one record of the address book. The plugin simplifies search of duplicate contacts by presenting contacts list in two windows. User can define selection presenting in any of windows subset of contacts receiving from one service only (e.g skype, icq, jabber). In a window selection of a contact may be done by live search from keyboard. We also have used code of Marco Barisione contacts-merger plugin, providing search of duplicate contact by comparison of contacts records fields.


Some Screenshots

  • The button "Merge Contacts" from the main menu of address book.

  • The main window with two list of contacts. You may filter each contacts list by clicking button "Select account". The list has all contacts by default.

  • A list with accounts

  • Select contacts for merging.

  • Search contacts.

  • The button for merge.

  • The standart dialog for merging.

  • Merging is complete.